78/366 – Spring has sprung!

A rusted wheelbarrow holds a tiny garden of six daisy-like flowers (three pink and white and three yellow and white), and silver fern like plants with a stone pathway leading to a terra cotta dish filled with sand, sticks and stone and half an orange for the butterflies. My symbol of Spring has Sprung!
My Faerie garden from last year. ©WQ 2020

Spring hasn’t actually sprung yet, not until after 11 pm. It’s only 10 pm now but it sure feels like it outside. The temperature is rising. We’re expecting 15°C tomorrow, along with 90 km p/hr winds and rain, so I guess you get the good with the bad. Light/Dark, yin/yang…

As scary and worrisome as COVID-19 is, like any disaster or upheaval, the light always shines through and seems to be more pronounced, brighter, than during normal times. Like how neighbours come together to support each other. The help, the kindness and compassion, the goodness of strangers helping strangers…it’s heartwarming and encouraging and just what the world needs now. Actually, not just now, but always.

Chaos comes before change. Storms come before rainbows. Illness comes before healing.

We’re in a time of healing. Mother earth is healing and us with her. This is an amazing gift, an opportunity to disconnect to reconnect. (Which is funny that we’re disconnecting to reconnect by connecting virtually! The universe has a sense of humour!)

What I mean by disconnecting is not so much from electronics (although it certainly wouldn’t hurt), but more from the daily grind, the auto-pilot mode most of us live our lives on – you know those days when you drive to work but have no memory of the drive because you were on auto-pilot – the daily routine. Take advantage of this time to try something new, do that thing you’ve been putting off…write the story, paint the painting, blow the dust off the guitar and start strumming, bake, sing, dance, be.

You have an incredible gift/talent that is unique to you. If you don’t know what that gift/talent is, you have been given an incredible gift of time to figure it out. I’ll give you a hint: it’s something that comes naturally to you, something that makes your heart skip a beat, something you most likely did as a child.

Another hint: If you suddenly came into a lot of money, like $100,000,000, all of your debts have been paid, you bought your dream house – and one for all your friends and family – you’ve started a foundation, traveled the world, bought all the fancy toys you’ve always wanted…now what?

You can be anything, do anything, live anywhere…what do you do now?

Take the time to figure it out. Play. Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Enjoy this time.

Know that the universe has your back. Things will work out. Money will flow. Bills will be paid. Jobs will appear. But you may not get an opportunity like this again. This is your day. Seize it!

And that brings me to today’s photo of the day. I was teleworking and listening/watching to Jim Cuddy, and his two sons and bandmate, perform live on Facebook through a new initiative, #CanadaPerforms, between Facebook and the National Arts Centre. I love Jim Cuddy’s music and was singing along. Ashes (my tabby) loves when people sing. She will come out to see what’s going on and be a part of it. Here she is, watching the show with me while I work, dance in my chair, tap my toes and thoroughly enjoy this gift!

Cat resting on a wooden kitchen chair watching musicians performing on a laptop, resting on a wooden kitchen chair with another laptop on a wooden kitchen table with a spreadsheet open, in a kitchen.
78/366 Photo of the Day, 19 Mar 2020 ©WQuinn

Be well, stay safe and create!



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