Sunday, 15 March 2020

Dukes and Ashes © WQuinn 2020

I look forward to Sunday mornings. I sip my tea, sit in my rocking chair and watch the birds. Sunday’s are day one of my two day bird count.

Not as many birds this time of the year although the spring birds are returning. This week I saw an abundance of red-winged black birds, and a purple finch. The European starlings have been around for over a week and this afternoon I saw my first grackle of the season. The seagulls have returned as have the Canadian geese.

Geese on the river © WQuinn 2020

Somehow the lid to this feeder went missing during the week. This golden finch is taking advantage of it.

The squirrels kept us on our toes trying to keep them off the platform feeder. I would step outside and they would stop eating, gaging how far out I was willing to go. Another step had them racing down the post, only to stop midway to see if I was still there. Another step and they’d run to the tree for cover. Sometimes Dukes would go out for me. He’d run all the way down the steps and they’d wait for the perfect moment to keep him entertained and stay safe.

73/366 Photo of the day – chickadee in flight – © WQuinn 2020
Blue jay © WQuinn 2020

So…this quiet and peaceful time, followed by a walk in the sun, gave me the tools I needed to face the grocery store this afternoon. There were a few things I still needed to get that weren’t available yesterday.

This is where the bread usually is! © WQuinn 2020

Wipes were available to wipe the cart handles and there weren’t too many people. I was able to stay several metres away from other people. Now, the bread aisle surprised me and the bread I usually get wasn’t there. So, feeling like this was a great opportunity to try something new, we picked two different loafs. There were no long line ups and we were able to get everything we needed.

By the way, we tried the bread and it’s delicious!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, I wish you peace, I wish you love and I wish you good health!