Saturday, 14 March 2020

I was working on my laptop, deleting old files – amazes me how quickly my hard drive fills up with stuff! I keep running out of space. Anyhoo, I look over to see that Dukes pushed his way onto the rocking chair… Squeezing Ashes. Still, they’re pretty cute when they get along. Most nights they curl up in a ball together… It’s so sweet. Other times the keep their distance. Sometimes they remind me of siblings fighting all the time. I wouldn’t change a thing though. They’re pretty special to me.

Popped into Ottawa to visit my family. My sister in-law has a cast on her hand and no one had signed it! It was so bare and white so I took matters into my own hands and, well, here you go! Too bad I didn’t have my paints on hand!

73/366 Photo of the day, 14 Mar 2020 © WQuinn

So last night I placed a grocery order online, thinking I was clever and would miss the pandemonium… The lineups have been astonishing…as has the toilet paper hoarding. Well, it wasn’t to be. They called this morning to say they didn’t have enough stock to fill my order.

While we were in town, we popped into Shoppers drug Mart. They had quite a few things I needed on sale.

I was surprised at how bare some of the shelves were. There was a pretty decent sale going on but still… Most of the dry goods and canned food were gone. A couple beside me were lamenting the only pasta left was the gluten free stuff and they wouldn’t eat it. I was secretly thrilled because it’s the only kind I can eat, so I bought the last two boxes.

I’ve been slowly stocking up on stuff. I think I might have had a past life during a war or famine because I seem to always be conscious of having enough on hand and have always squirrelled away lots of canned food. Who knows 🤷‍♀️. I think we’re pretty good in the event we have to self-isolate for 14 days…We’ve got our storm chips and enough t.p., and we’ve got each other for company and a large yard for exercise and fresh air, so all is good 😉


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