Monday, 9 March 2020

I woke up to this beautiful sight…

68/366 Photo of the day, 9 Mar 2020 © WQuinn

…and the day just kept getting better.

Rising sun shining on the river © WQuinn

One red-winged blackbird at 7 am became 23 by noon! A Robin singing in the tree, a Canada Goose honking loudly as it flew by and a purple finch rounded out an amazing spring-like day. And the snow melting away!

Shifting topics…I made great progress on my family tree book today. I wrapped up work at 3:45 pm, made dinner, then jumped onto the book for a couple of hours. Had dinner, then back at it. Just wrapped up a few mins ago. My eyes are dry and blurry from all that screen time. But I’m almost done. I wrote the last chapter tonight. It was a difficult one to write and I hesitated for days, then struggled with words tonight until it finally came together. I was writing about my uncle who served in WWII, suffered terrible PTSD (which wasn’t a thing back then) and eventually took his own life.

Suicide is a delicate subject, made more difficult when it isn’t talked about in the family. I considered leaving it out of the book but, in the end, felt his story needed to be told.

Now I’m calling it a day! A demain!



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