Saturday, 7 March 2020

Daylight savings time starts tomorrow. One day soon, I hope Quebec decides to stick with standard time. Just saying.

It was an incredible day, bright sunshine and warmish temperatures, although a bitter cold wind. I stayed out of the wind, in the sun and planted seeds for my summer garden. It was nice to be able to do it outside…less of a mess that way! The turkeys kept me company as did a downey woodpecker and a few chickadees.

I saw a red-winged black bird this week and a couple of European starlings… It’s happening, spring is coming!

Today’s photo, the only one I took, if you can believe it, is tonight’s moon.

66/366 Photo of the day, 7 Mar 2020 © WQuinn

So last night – working on the family tree book in InDesign (ID) thanks to a glitch that gave me a free day, months after my subscription ended – cumulated in a program crash, ending my free day. Sigh. A big sigh.

Weighing my options: a complete overhaul of the layout it Affinity Publisher, including manual footnotes, which would have to be typed as they didn’t make it over to Affinity, OR, subscribing to ID for 30 days and getting it done right.

I have 29 days left… The clock is ticking. Wait! I’m about to lose an hour! 😉


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