Wednesday, 26 February 2020

So many cute pictures today it’s hard to pick one for photo of the day.

Golden Finch at the feeder 2020 © WQuinn 2020
Blue jay 2020 © WQuinn 2020
57/366 Photo of the day, 26 Feb 2020 © WQuinn

You know how cats have that canny sense where they see something that we don’t…I believe they see our spiritual visitors, like deceased loved ones.

Tonight, Ashes was sitting on my knee. She was quite content then she looked up. This happens a lot. I usually look over my shoulder to see if a spider is descending near my head. This time was different. I watched her face for about five minutes. She was mesmerized, captivated even. Then her left eye winked! She doesn’t wink, nor blink on command. I’ve tried to get her to wink but she ignores me. I’ve tried to get her to blink but again she ignores me. (Her brother, on the other hand, winks and blinks in response to my winks and blinks!)

Ashes © WQuinn 2020

You can imagine my surprise. Right after the wink, she blinked, a short blink in response or imitation to someone. Two in quick succession.

Then her left ear moved back… Followed by her right ear. Like antennas picking up a signal. It was interesting and fun to watch and I have a pretty good feeling it was my Dad visiting and entertaining my sweet fur baby.


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