20 02 2020

Cool date today!

New desks were installed in our office last night… The kind that move up and down. I love it but that’s not the point of this.

This is:

Dime on the floor. WQuinn 2020

Have you heard my dime story?

One of my psychic development teachers shared a story with me about how, since her husband passed, she received dimes regularly, and often in strange ways. One fell on her son while he was showering!

Not long after, I started noticing the dimes… On the table when it wasn’t there a second before… Falling on me while I’m driving my car, on the floor, on the ground, as I’m being handed change a dime falls out.

I attribute the dimes to my dad. It’s his way of saying “hi, I see you and am here for you.” I must say, it doesn’t get old. Everytime I get one, I smile and can feel a giggle within.

Today’s painting was done with the water brush that came with my watercolour paints. It’s real handy when you don’t have water on hand (there’s water in the brush’s reservoir) but it’s not great for detail work.

51/366 Painting of the day, 20 02 2020 © WQuinn

I’m grateful to my mom for putting up with me by posing in the frigid air so I could get a shot for photo of the day. Her walking stick reminds me of Gandalf!


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