Thursday, 13 February 2020

What a lucky day for bird visits today. First, Mrs Cardinal finally moved in close enough – and sat long enough – for me to get a decent photo.

44/366 Photo of the day, 13 Feb 2020 © WQuinn

Early evening, Mom had just got in from work and we were catching up when a bird over the river caught my eye. I saw a flash of white…can’t be a seagull in the winter, so I had a second, longer look. The wing span was very large…maybe the great blue heron was back? Then the bird turned towards me and flew my way. No denying that white head and those large brown wings. A bald eagle! In my backyard. It’s been two years since his last visit. Wow, what a gift! (No pictures though 🤷‍♀️)

Wondering what to paint tonight, I saw one of my photos from last week’s snow storm and was inspired.

44/366 Painting of the day, 13 Feb 2020 © WQuinn
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