Saturday, 29 February 2020

The last day of February and the 29th to boot! I knew twin brothers who were born on this day, many years ago. Such an interesting birthday to have.

It was an absolutely gorgeous winter day, so much sunshine, cold but bearable if dressed for it. A great day for snowshoeing!

59/366 photo of the day, 29 Feb 2020 © WQuinn
Beautiful day for a snowshoe. © WQuinn 2020
He’s either smiling for the camera, or he’s laughing at me! © WQuinn 2020


Friday, 28 February 2020

Happy birthday George!!!

This little guy kept me busy this morning shooing him away from the platform feeder. I gave in and let him use my new feeder for a little while…I had work to do and couldn’t keep at it! Win for the squirrel!

58/366 photo of the day, 28 Feb 2020 © WQuinn

I love receiving signs from the spirit world… I was worried about someone close to me and knew worrying wouldn’t help so I said a prayer. 4 crows landed in the backyard as I finished my prayer.

These four crows have come before, always when I ask for help or guidance. When I see the crows, I am reminded of my ancestors. I know they are watching over me, helping and guiding.

I haven’t been able to photograph the four crows together. As soon as I get my camera, they fly away. © WQuinn 2020

I shared this experience with the person I had been praying for and at the same moment as I mentioned the 4 crows, they saw 4 crows in a tree! Coincidence? I think not.

For the record, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Dukes and Ashes were well entertained by the squirrels today:

Ashes, Dukes and little red © WQuinn 2020
Dukes, little red and a turkey © WQuinn 2020

A few of my favourites from the feeders today:


Thursday, 27 February 2020

Happy birthday to my beautiful niece Alex!!!

Well wasn’t that a snowstorm! It started out a little slow but made up for it this afternoon. Wowsers!

Lots of activity at the feeders. I had a hard time keeping the black squirrels away from the platform feeder. Everytime I chased them away, I’d turn around and they’d come right back! Eventually they found the pile I left them on the veranda, out of the snow, and that kept then occupied the rest of the day, which allowed the birds to use the platform!

58/366 Leaf shaped snowflake, Photo of the day, 27 February 2020 © WQuinn

Was overjoyed when the Cardinals showed up and stayed for photos!

I went out twice to clear the snow off the feeders and will need to go out again tomorrow. That’s alot of snow! So very grateful to be able to telework on days like today.


Wednesday, 26 February 2020

So many cute pictures today it’s hard to pick one for photo of the day.

Golden Finch at the feeder 2020 © WQuinn 2020
Blue jay 2020 © WQuinn 2020
57/366 Photo of the day, 26 Feb 2020 © WQuinn

You know how cats have that canny sense where they see something that we don’t…I believe they see our spiritual visitors, like deceased loved ones.

Tonight, Ashes was sitting on my knee. She was quite content then she looked up. This happens a lot. I usually look over my shoulder to see if a spider is descending near my head. This time was different. I watched her face for about five minutes. She was mesmerized, captivated even. Then her left eye winked! She doesn’t wink, nor blink on command. I’ve tried to get her to wink but she ignores me. I’ve tried to get her to blink but again she ignores me. (Her brother, on the other hand, winks and blinks in response to my winks and blinks!)

Ashes © WQuinn 2020

You can imagine my surprise. Right after the wink, she blinked, a short blink in response or imitation to someone. Two in quick succession.

Then her left ear moved back… Followed by her right ear. Like antennas picking up a signal. It was interesting and fun to watch and I have a pretty good feeling it was my Dad visiting and entertaining my sweet fur baby.