Thursday, 16 January 2020

This month sure is flying by. It was an interesting day weather wise. Started out mild and overcast. A wind blew in, picking up loose snow, swirling it around. It looked like it was dancing and I was reminded of a scene from the children’s movie, frosty the snowman, when the magical snow blew in and brought frosty back to life.

Snow dancing around the yard. © WQuinn 2020

The wind also messed up the blue jays’ hair:

© WQuinn 2020
© WQuinn 2020

And before long, the birds all but disappeared…behind a white out of snow.

16/366 Photo of the day, 16 January 2020, © WQuinn

Tonight’s painting reminds me of a Christmas tree farm.

When I finished, I looked at it and shrugged. It’s not my favourite and I feel it’s not my best work.

I showed it to my mom and she loved it.

Just goes to show you that art really is in the eye of the beholder and every one has different tastes.

16/366 Painting of the day, 16 January 2020, © WQuinn

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