Wednesday, 1 January 2020

A new year, a new creative project.

It all started with a look out the window, a tree covered in fresh fallen snow with yellowed grass blades framing the dark brown trunk, set against a steely blue sky and snow white ground. And I was hooked…I have to paint that tree!

So, I’m giving it a try again this year. I haven’t ironed out the details yet. I may swap creative pursuits throughout the week, like a painting one day, a photo the next, a writing another and music on another day. We’ll see!

For now, 15 minutes a day playing music. Tonight was the piano and relearning Lord of the Rings.

I had so much fun playing outside this afternoon, building a snowman, taking pictures, a snowball fight with my mom. What a day!

001/366 Painting of the day, 1 January 2020 © WQuinn 2020
Inspiration for today’s painting © WQuinn 2020
001/366 Photo of the day, 1 January 2020 © WQuinn 2020

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