Sunday, 26 January 2020

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

Those were my words when I looked outside this morning. A true winter wonderland!

Trees covered in heavy snow
My backyard © WQuinn 2020
Spruce trees covered in snow
26/366 Photo of the day, 26 January 2020 © WQuinn

Today painting is inspired by the amazing view this morning.

Watercolour landscape of trees covered in snow.
26/366 Painting of the day, 26 January 2020 © WQuinn


Saturday, 25 January 2020

Wow, what a mixed bag of weather today, from freezing rain, sleet, snow that at times was like snow balls… No kidding, I was outside filling up the bird feeders and it was ice falling on me. Then these large snow balls started falling, with the east wind, they’d blow right at me. I felt like mother nature was engaging me in a snow fight. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

25/366 Photo of the day, 25 January 2020 © WQuinn

Today’s painting is inspired by the snowstorm.

25/366 Painting of the day, 25 January 2020 © WQuinn


Friday, 24 January 2020

Another week zipped by so far I have whiplash. Just kidding!

Went for a walk down to the river after work today. When I turned to look up at the house I was in awe of the clouds!

Cotton candy clouds dot the sky
24/366 Photo of the day, 24 January 2020 © WQuinn
Pastel pink sunset reflected in water
24/366 Painting of the day, 24 January 2020 © WQuinn

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, 23 January 2020

Plus two today! Spring-like weather.

I’m feeling off tonight. Actually it started this afternoon at work. I didn’t know what it was and drowned it in chocolate. I’m drained of energy and uneasy. I was watching tv when a tourism Newfoundland commercial came on. It was so relaxing and meditative I went back to the beginning and played it again!

I mentioned it to my Mom that I wasn’t myself. Her guidance: smudge, burn incense, listen to gentle music. So wise she is!

I smudged, am burning sweet grass incense, and have gentle Celtic music playing. I’m feeling better and finished my painting…reminds me of Ireland.

23/366 Painting of the day, 23 January 2020 © WQuinn

On our way home tonight, waiting for a traffic light to change, I noticed the parliament buildings across the river. Its muted green next to the Museum’s beige…sweet. I took too long composing the shot in my head that by the time I remembered I had a phone capable of capturing the scene, the light changed and I barely had time to get my window down, lean out and take the picture. It’s not quite what I pictured but alas…

23/366 Photo of the day, 23 January 2020 © WQuinn

I’m telling you, seeing the peace tower and parliament buildings…never gets old. My heart skips a beat every time.

And that marketing genius behind those Newfoundland commercials… deserves an Oscar.