Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Happy Christmas!

I had to stop working on dinner so I could capture tonight’s amazing sunset! Holy wow! Look at the reflection in the ice on our laneway. So beautiful!

Fiery red sky seen through bare tree branches and reflecting on icy laneway
358/365 Photo of the day, 24 December 2019, © WQuinn

I started this painting while waiting for my nephews to arrive with the turkey – we were on chef duty tonight! I started with a blue sky, then I added red. They pulled in as I was finishing the red. I looked up and saw a tinge of red in the sky, then looked at my painting…cool!

I finished it later, needing a few quiet minutes alone amongst the celebration.

358/365 Painting of the day, 24 December 2019, © WQuinn

We tried something new tonight, Jamie cooked the turkey, following a recipe very different than our traditional way. Change is good. We had a little hiccup which resulted in eating much later but everyone adapted and rolled with it. We opened gifts before supper instead of after, then everyone pitched in to set the table and fix the trimmings. It all came together so nicely, everyone in cheerful moods! What a night, what a meal!

Happy Christmas!


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