21 December 2019

Happy winter solstice! The shortest day and longest night.

And, only ten more paintings and photos left in 2019!

Today was our family bake day. We gathered at my sister’s place for a change. Lots of goodies were made, and eaten.

My niece, Shaeleen – also a painter – painted with me tonight. It’s special to have painting in common and to spend time together doing what we love.

This is my painting of the day:

355/365 Painting of the day, 21 December 2019, © WQuinn

Earlier in the morning, I made some cat toys. My sister’s cat doesn’t like catnip but LOVES peppermint. I happen to grow my own peppermint and had some dried for tea. I used it in her toy and she loved it.

I also grow catnip and made a couple of toys with it for my babies. Ashes loves catnip. Dukes not so much. Ashes could smell it from my bedroom…I was sewing in the kitchen…she came into the room, jumped onto the table and found my stash.

355/365 Photo of the day, 21 December 2019, © WQuinn

I managed to keep her away long enough to finish. Here she is with the end result:

Ashes with her new catnip toy, © WQuinn 2019

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