Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Brrr. The wind is howling, the thermometer is registering -17°C. So grateful for a room over my head on this, and every, night.

There was lots of bird activity today. But first, this morning’s sunrise was so beautiful, pastel pinks and blues:

Sunrise is pink and blue over a snow covered field
This morning’s sunrise © WQuinn

At the end of the afternoon, most of the birds had already left for the day, when this lad landed on the platform feeder and watched me. The wind had picked up as I watched his feathers rise with it. No doubt he was letting me know his feeder was empty. I enjoyed the brief moment.

Blue jay with ruffled crown, sits on platform feeder, looking at camera
352/365 Photo of the day, 18 December 2019 © WQuinn

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