Monday, 16 December 2019

Today was a better day. Feeling more like myself…phew! So much to get done, no time for feeling blah.

Today was day two of bird count day. Yesterday was the first day the golden finch have been at my feeders this season. I had five. Today, there were 19!!! It was great watching them come and go and interact with each other and the other birds.

Golden Finch, yellowish bird, perched on green garland, peering into the camera
350/365 Photo of the day, 16 December 2019 ® WQuinn

I had no idea of what to paint tonight. A bug sigh followed by looking around the room for inspiration. I saw a Christmas decoration – two snowmen. No, can’t do that. How would I paint white on white? I’ve been thinking about painting snowmen for a couple of weeks but put it off…until tonight! Adding blue to white paint helped to see the image. I had so much fun painting this one!

Watercolour painting of two snowman. One wearing a Santa hat, the other a black top hat and carrying a broom
350/365 Painting of the day, 16 December 2019 ® WQuinn

Only 15 days left in the year!


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