Thursday, 12 December 2019

I’m writing this from th backseat of my mom’s car. We went to the Christmas in the Valley concert with my aunt. Such a great night with good cheer and beautiful music.

We bumped in to two dear family friends I haven’t seen in years. A warm rush of memories and love flooded over me.

And to top the night off, we drove down Confederation Boulevard to see the Christmas lights.

What a memorable night!

Wayne Rostad and the musicians of Christmas in the Valley © WQuinn 2019
Christmas in the Valley © WQuinn 2019
Full moon fading into whispy clouds as it begins its descent over a field of harvested aoy
346/365 This morning’s setting full moon. 12 December 2019 © WQuinn
Watercolour painting landscape green and bare trees
346/365 Painting of the day, 12 December 2019 © WQuinn