Monday, 10 December 2019

A cool rainy day but the temperature crawled up during the day.

While I worked on drawing images for an animated video I’m working on for work, Mom was busy washing windows and “spring” cleaning for Christmas. We had Christmas tunes playing, singing along, it was great. Another reason I love teleworking!

After work, I pushed myself to get outside and walk in nature to rebalance. Eight hours of continuous computer work, being creative, is mentally taxing. Nature, walking, help to balance, or recharge, my batteries.

I walked down to the river, in the rain, and captured this scene, during blue hour.

River and trees in rain during blue hour
343/365 Photo of the day, 9 December 2019 © WQuinn

While searching for inspiration for my video, I came across an image on Pixabay that inspired tonight’s painting.

Watercolour painting landscape winter scene with cabin in snow
343/365 Painting of the day, 9 December 2019, © WQuinn


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