Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Snow fell for a good part of the morning, bringing a winter wonderland feel to the yard. Activity around the bird feeders picked up today with the wild turkeys visiting, along with a few chickadees, a downey woodpecker, several blue jays and Mr and Mrs Cardinal popped by to say hi, but didn’t venture to the feeder. Two black squirrels were chasing each other up and down the tree branches and the chipmunk made an appearance today too!

Wild turkey looking at the camera
338/365 Photo of the day, wild turkey, 4 December 2019, © WQuinn
Chipmunk, © WQuinn 2019
Black squirrel, © WQuinn 2019
Bluejay, © WQuinn 2019
Downey woodpecker, © WQuinn 2019
Mr Cardinal, © WQuinn 2019
Mrs Cardinal, © WQuinn 2019
Wild turkey, © WQuinn 2019

A little Christmas cheer for today’s painting