26 November 2019

I walked to the community mailbox this morning to get some fresh air and exercise. Grateful there wasn’t too much traffic. Although, a good reminder of how dangerous the highway really is: when I returned from my walk, I stopped to bring the recycle and compost bins back to in. I noticed a brown and black caterpillar who was heading straight for the road. I was going to assist it when a large dump truck barreled by, the wind knocking the bins out of my hands and displacing the caterpillar…I couldn’t find him anywhere. Then another truck barreled by and I was hit by another strong wind. I gave up on the caterpillar, picked up the bins which had blown down in the wind and headed back to the house.

I was inspired by nature during my short walk:

Ornamental grass growing in a ditch and blowing in the wind against a smokey grey sky
330/365 Photo of the day, 26 November 2019, © WQuinn
Watercolour painting landscape corn stalks in snow
330/365 Painting of the day, 26 November 2019, © WQuinn