Sunday, 17 November 2019

It’s a sweltering 35°C here in Fort-de-france, Martinique. It’s so hot and humid my clothes are damp from sweat from walking to the end of the pier. I’m not complaining…I know it’s darn cold at home. Just real glad for A/C!

I painted today’s painting while sitting on my cabin veranda watching a couple of sailboats sail by and a family towing their kids in an inflatable behind their speed boat. Gales of laughter and screeching reaching me and I can’t help but smile. What joy and fun they are having!

Today’s photo is from Martinique:

I splurged for 24 hours of onboard internet so I could upload my blogs. It’s spotty at best. I may not be posting again until the end of my vacation but I am painting every day!


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