Saturday, 9 November 2019

It was a busy day of getting ready and packing for our trip tomorrow.

I took some pictures of the sunrise this morning with my cell phone. A real beautiful scene!

Sunrise shine a golden hue in the fresh white snow covering the ground and trees.
313/365 Photo of the day, 9 November 2019 © WQuinn

I took a few pictures during the day with my camera of the turkeys, blue jays, Chickadees and chipmunks but the sunrise beat them all out for top spot today.

Tonight’s painting was almost forgotten completely…I was getting ready to post to Instagram and here when I realized that I hadn’t painted a painting yet! I packed my favourite brushes but thankfully have some older ones lying around.

Watercolour painting landscape mountains dark sky and a river
313/365 Painting of the day, 9 November 2019 © WQuinn

Last month I submitted a photo to the Quebecairshow calendar contest. The photos were posted to Facebook and the ones with the most votes win a spot in the calendar. I’m thrilled to say I won a spot in the calendar, December actually!


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