Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Oh beautiful snowy landscape. It looked like a Christmas card this morning. It didn’t last though, as the sun rose it started melting.

Snow covered lawn sloping to a river with geese swimming and the sun peeks out from behind a cloud bathing the area in warm light
310/365 Photo of the day, 6 November 2019 © WQuinn

It was a challenge picking today’s photo. I wanted one that represents our first snowfall of the season and was torn between the one above and this gorgeous blue jay

Blue jay on snow covered platform feeder has seeds in his beak and snow and snow is kicked up in the air around him. The rising sun baths him and the feeder in a warm orange glow.
Blue jay at feeder © WQuinn 2019

Yesterday, I received a bunch of Christmas cards from a charity looking for a donation. As a gift, they included several cards, notepads and stickers. The cards are beautiful. One has two Cardinals and another has a chickadee. As soon as I saw the birds I said “I’m going to paint those”. Now, I say that every year and have been for years and I’ve never actually got around to painting them. But this year is different because I’m painting every day and, at many points throughout the year, I have looked for inspiration because I ran out of ideas! So tonight, I painted the cardinal. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Watercolour painting on white paper of a sideview of a red male cardinal facing left perched on a branch with red berries and green leaves
301/365 Painting of the day, 6 November 2019 © WQuinn

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