Wednesday, 30 Oct 2019

A migraine headache kept me in bed for most of the day. I did manage a few photos through the window of nature unfolding around me though. And found time to squeeze a painting in.

Funny enough, I used a colour on my travel watercolour set that I had never used before. I must say, I LOVE the colour đŸ™‚

Tonight’s painting is inspired by Bob Ross and his mountains. And the photo, well it was a tough one because I had four to choose from and they were all pretty sweet, but this turkey and those fall colours wins out tonight.

Wild turkey lying in the yellow/orange/brown fallen leaves

303/365 Photo of the Day, 30 Oct 2019, ©WQuinn

watercolour painting, blue sky and mountains with water in foreground and birds reflecting in water
303/365 Painting of the Day, 30 Oct 2019, ©WQuinn