Thursday, 24 October 2019

2 months from today is Christmas Eve…

For some reason I thought tick season was over. Imagine my horror to discover not one but two ticks on my male cat, Dukes, this week. One on Tuesday and the second on Wednesday. Then tonight, mom had one crawling on her hand! Ewwww. So gross!

We’ve been scratching and feeling uncomfortable all evening just reading up on ticks. I put a tick and flea collar on Dukes tonight. We’ve washed their bedding. Tomorrow, we’ll vacuum all the furniture and see how it goes from there. Last summer he had one too and that was the first time any cat we’ve had, had a tick. I’ve read they are getting bad in the surrounding area, guess they’ve made their way here.

To make things even more unpleasant, several government buildings have bed bugs…one across the street from my building. Yuck!

Ok, on to more pleasant and fun stuff. First thing this morning, 515am, bleary eyed, I open my email to read Ancestry has updated the DNA results. Trepidation. I’m 98% Irish and damn proud of it but… They originally had me at 79% and the rest made up of England, Wales, some Italian and Greece. It never felt right. 98% was better.

How about 100%?

My DNA is 100% Irish! 🇮🇪☘️🍀

I’m dancing an Irish jig! 👯

The morning was capped off by an incredible sunrise which I didn’t manage to get a good photo of

Sunrise, red sky
This morning’s sunrise © WQuinn 2019 from my laneway
Woman driving car with sunrise beside her
Mom and the sunrise © WQuinn 2019

This photo is the inspiration for today’s painting:

Red and yellow sky
Sunrise over Gatineau, Highway 50 on ramp © WQuinn 2019

Today’s painting:

Watercolour painting landscape sunrise and fall coloured trees
297/365 Painting of the day, 24 October 2019 © WQuinn

Tonight’s drive home took us by the river again, just love this drive.

Island with fall colors
297/365 Photo of the day, 24 October 2019 © WQuinn

Have a good night!


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