Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Three weeks from today I’ll be onboard a cruise ship, beginning my Caribbean vacation. Why is it 296 days has flown by but 21 days seems to take forever?!

On another note, we took the scenic route home from work tonight, along the Ottawa river. Such a beautiful, peaceful drive. I managed to get a few good shots, phone hanging out of the open passenger window 😉

River with Island on one side full of coloured trees and Ottawa on the other.
296/365 Photo of the day, 23 October 2019, © WQuinn

And this one I managed to get the rowers in…pure luck!

Rowers on river
Ottawa river from Gatineau © WQuinn 2019

Took a late lunch this afternoon and painted this piece. Painting mountain landscapes has been on my mind of late and here we go.

Watercolour painting landscape mountains fall colors bush and lake
296/365 Painting of the day, 23 October 2019, © WQuinn

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