FriYAY, 11 October 2019

So nice to sleep in and wake up to sunshine! Love my telework days.

It was a late night for me last night as I attended the French language debate at the Museum of History. A real thrill to be part of the night, seeing how a live show comes together, not to mention seeing the leaders in person.

My French is a work in progress but I managed to pick up a fair bit. Funny enough, I watched a few clips when I got home to clarify a few things and low and behold, I’m visible on some of the wide audience shots!

Screen grab from video clip of leaders debating and audience in background. A red arrow points to me
That’s me in pink under the red arrow!

A real treat!

Podiums on stage, people on stage
Debate stage © WQuinn 2019
People on stage
End of French language debate © WQuinn 2019

For tonight’s painting I decided to try the Petrie island painting again, this time a little smaller and closer to what I saw from the highway. It’s better.

Watercolour painting landscape peninsula beach with three colourful trees and with mountains in background
284/365 Painting of the day, 11 October 2019, © WQuinn

We have this plant that I’ve taken plenty of photos of during the summer. The last blossom died in late July or early August. Imagine our surprise when it started forming a flower this week, after several frosty nights! A hardy little plant!

Orange flower blooming around green leaves
284/365 Photo of the day, 11 October 2019, © WQuinn

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