Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Chance of frost tonight…oh no! The flowers have lasted so long…fingers crossed they make it through the night.

This morning’s are getting darker. I managed to snap this as the sun began to rise. Unfortunately it disappeared behind cloud cover shortly afterwards.

Sunrise dark sky
Sunrise © WQuinn 2019

But I got to see it again this afternoon. It popped out during my drive home. I took a couple of shots through the living room windows as the sun began to set.

The first caught my eye as the sun beamed through the trees and the window. I was mesmerized. The photo doesn’t quite capture the moment.

Sun shining in window
Setting sun flows through window © WQuinn 2019

Then the sun lowered and the golden glow was so beautiful. As I tried to capture it, a flock of geese flew by completing the scene.

Sunset with geese flying
Tonight’s sunset with geese. © WQuinn 2019

And tonight’s photo of the day goes to…

Red and green leaves on tree
275/365 Photo of the day, 2 October 2019, © WQuinn

And today’s painting is inspired by fall:

Watercolour painting landscape sky, trees with colorful leaves
275/365 Painting of the day, 2 October 2019, © WQuinn

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