Saturday, 28 September 2019

I volunteered for a couple of hours today at a genealogical conference. I forgot how good it feels to be amongst like minded people. It also gave me a push to get back into researching. I cancelled my ancestry subscription in early spring. A few days ago I got back to editing my family tree book. Slowly I’m getting back. It can be a time consuming hobby though!

So when I got home, I renewed ancestry for a month and got working. Before I knew it, the sun was setting but I had downloaded twenty or so new records.

I took this photo just after I got home. I’m loving the moody skies tonight!

Photo landscape dark clouds over grey clouds with field and farm in shot
271/365 Photo of the day, 28 September 2019 © WQuinn


And today’s painting:

Watercolor painting landscape fall trees
271/365 Painting of the day, 28 September 2019 © WQuinn