Tuesday, 24 September 2019

It was an overcast coolish fall day but the sun did make a few brief appearances.

I didn’t get out into nature today. The closest I got was returning the garbage bins to the house and eating lunch on the veranda. I notice when I skip my nature dates. My spirit sinks. I get tired and edgy. It’s amazing how great nature is for us…improves our moods and health. Mental, physical and spiritual. Now that ragweed seems to have died down, I could be spending more time out there. Need to remind myself daily how good it makes me feel. I come alive!

Maybe a walk in a park like this would be fun!

Watercolour painting landscape park and bridge over stream
267/366 Painting of the day, 24 September 2019 © WQuinn

Someone is watching over me…

Cloud patterns looks like a face peeking through
267/365 Photo of the day, 24 September 2019 © WQuinn