Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Today is my 7 year anniversary with WordPress! Thanks WordPress for the good wishes. Time sure flies!

Another fantastical summer day with a hot sun bathing us all day long! This week has been fabulous. Summer sure seems to want to hang around a bit longer and I’m happy to have her.

I took advantage of the sunshine and warmth, moved my work laptop outside to sit on the veranda. So special! I’ll have to make a point to get outside tomorrow and Thursday when I’m at work. Maybe I can paint in the park?

While hanging out on the veranda I saw this little dude

Yellow and black caterpillar
260/365, Spotted tussock moth caterpillar, 17 September 2019, © WQuinn

Not sure what to paint I started by wetting the top portion of the page then added wet blue paint and watched in fascination as it moved along the wet area. Wet-on-wet technique is just so cool! I did the same with the bottom half but with green paint and then had to wait for a while for the paint to dry. The paper curled from the wetness but it turned out ok. I looked at the painting for awhile waiting for inspiration to strike. Nothing really came. I decided to add the tree line on the horizon and finished it off with three birds.

Watercolour painting landscape blue sky, green grass and trees
260/365 Painting of the day, 17 September 2019, © WQuinn

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