Monday, 16 September 2019

Great news…my car is fixed! A broken axel was the problem. So grateful it broke at home. If it had broken while I was on the highway driving 100 kms…

I worked hard at letting go and trusting all will be well and, well, it was! But it wasn’t easy. I tend to over think things, make sure everything is perfect…just right and it can be exhausting. For instance, my car was at the end of the laneway, too close to the road for the tow truck to make it in. I was going to push it back to make more room, make sure everything was in perfect order for the tow truck guy.

It was hard to walk away and leave the car where it was. But I did it. This morning, when the tow truck driver arrived, he had the car in the spot he wanted, at the angle he wanted in no time at all. It would have taken me a lot longer and I wouldn’t have put it in the right spot. So to sum up…I let go and not only did I survive the process, the end result was ok too. Gee, who knew!

I’m also letting go of stuff…physical stuff I’ve accumulated… decluttering. Sigh. What a process. My goal is a little a day…maybe a bag a day. It seems like whenever I toss something, I’m looking for it later. So I’ve gotten in the habbit of keeping stuff, especially papers and paperwork. But I’m breaking the cycle and this time it will work!

Today was an incredible summer-like day. Warm and sunny. Even the ragweed was ok.

Today’s photo was taken this morning:

Backyard overlooking river, trees, grass, and sunshine rays
259/365 Photo of the day, 16 September 2019, © WQuinn


And today’s painting

Watercolour painting landscape sky and grass with one tree with red leaves
259/365 Painting of the day, 16 September 2019, © WQuinn

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