Wednesday, 11 September 2019

My thoughts are on two towers today. A landscape, a people, a nation forever changed. From every disaster comes good. From every forest fire, new growth. From chaos comes clarity and change for the better.

So much has changed and so much hasn’t. But there is one constant and that’s love. Love will always win. Love is always the answer. Sometimes you’ve got to dig deep to find it but it’s always worth it.

On our way home from work this evening, we stopped by a nature trail near home and went for a walk. I could feel the layers of emotional baggage peel away the further into the forest we went. It was cleansing, healing and uplifting…and no sneezing!

Church steeple in the distance framed by tree leaves
254/365 Photo of the day, 11 September 2019 © WQuinn

I find it interesting I painted trees this afternoon for my painting of the day then I stop at a nature trail after work to walk through a forest…just saying. 😉

So, back to the painting. Three trees, three seasons…not sure why I didn’t add Spring…

Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Watercolour painting three trees: summer, autumn and winter
254/365 Painting of the day, 11 September 2019 © WQuinn

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