Sunday, 1 September 2019

I sat on the veranda this morning, sipping my tea when I had the urge to get up and walk to the end of the veranda. Presuming it was to check on my sunflowers to see if they had opened over night, I went with the guidance. Much to my delight, a white admiral butterfly was resting on the railing.

White admiral butterfly
White admiral butterfly resting in the morning sun. © WQuinn 2019

I took a few shots (who am I kidding…I took a dozen or more shots) with my phone then went inside to get my camera. I managed one more shot before he left.

Back to my tea, I notice a blur of orange in the field beyond my flower garden. A monarch butterfly! Camera in hand I went to get some pics. This time I decided, instead of close-ups, I’d take some field shots and maybe capture it in flight, which I did.

Monarch butterfly in flight in field of wildflowers
244/365 Photo of the day, 1 September 2019, © WQuinn


I’ve done a lot of reading on monarchs this summer and learned that the caterpillars I saw several weeks ago would become fourth generation butterflies. The fourth generation are the ones that migrate to Mexico. So this beauty is a fourth generation.

Today’s painting is inspired by the monarch butterfly.

Watercolour painting monarch butterfly on wild flowers
244/365 Painting of the day, 1 September 2019, © WQuinn