Thursday, 29 August 2019

The Thursday before a long weekend. I have lots I want to accomplish this weekend so hoping for three days of amazing weather.

Today’s painting is a bust. I was working with a new travel brush I purchased at Michaels. It’s the type where you add water to the pen, then squeeze the water out. I have been using a similar one that came with the travel paint set I purchased from DeSerres. I LOVE it. Such a cool idea and it works great. So…I thought I would buy another one, with a smaller tip for more detail work. Not sure if there’s a learning curve or if the brush is just not great. It holds a lot of water…or perhaps water is continually dripping. Not sure what the problem is, nor the solution, but a lot of water pools on the paper from this brush and it causes a real mess. I wasn’t in the mood to scrap my efforts and start over so…I’m going with it. Once it dried, I went back in with a liner brush (not a travel version) to add some details back to the little island and palm trees. But…

watercolour painting of island with palm trees and water
241/365 Painting of the Day, 29 Aug 2019 ©WQuinn


I must admit that getting up early to go into the office has its benefits. Getting up before the sun allows me to watch, enjoy and capture the sunrise. This morning, it was incredible. I took the photo with my phone (Google Pixel 3a xl) and was quite pleased with it.

sunrise over river with lots of trees
241/365 Photo of the Day, 29 Aug 2019 ©WQuinn


Then, a little while later, Google assistant alerted me it created an enhanced (or was it stylized?) version. Now, I like what they did. Normally I find their stylized photos look too saturated.  This one is not bad but I think I like the original better. What do you think? Which do you prefer?

brigher, more vibrant sunrise image with lots of trees
Google Assistant’s “enhanced” image…What do you think?

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