Monday, 26 August 2019

It was a fun weekend with plenty of photography moments and now back to work. I’m watching the sunset as I write this. It’s setting much further south, directly across from my bedroom. The sun shines in my eyes as I paint my painting of the day at the kitchen table…several days now. Tonight is impressive, orange mixed in with some white grey clouds. Makes for an interesting sky. I’ll try to capture it….

Sunset from my living room window. © WQuinn 2019

Never looks as good as the real thing but it’s close. I love how the trees are silhouettes against the Orange sky.

I had one of those “in the zones” intensive kind of days. The project I’m working on is due Wednesday afternoon and it’s in PowerPoint. I’m a graphic designer. I usually design with design software… software made for designing…makes the whole design thing easier to do. PowerPoint is not design software. Although there are some neat things than can be done with it…that could be done much quicker and nicer in say, Illustrator?

It was almost one before I realized it was lunch time! Those are the kind of days I like, as long as things are going ok.

I’m never at a loss of things to photograph at home, this time of year anyway. The flowers are beautiful, especially the sunflowers and black eyed susans.

Black eyed susan
238/365, Photo of the day, 26 August 2019 © WQuinn

This one in particular looks very happy…also looks like it’s dancing!

Watercolour painting landscape blue sky and yellow field
238/365, Painting of the day, 26 August 2019 © WQuinn

Perhaps a field of canola?


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