Sunday, 18 August 2019

Another foggy start to the day. I sat on the veranda, watching the turkeys eating the seed I had thrown on the lawn for them yesterday. They were to nervous to come close yesterday, but were already here when I stepped out this morning. And they stayed, which was sweet!

Yesterday’s wedding was beautiful! It had all the makings of a magazine issue…or a Pinterest board. Rustic details that are popular at this time. The food was delicious, the company even better 😉

The ceremony took place outside on the grass, next to a pond. It was Hallmark worthy. As the first bridesmaid walked by to take her place at the front of the crowd, I had confirmation of a feeling I had earlier in the day.

While painting the painting of the day, which was also the wedding card, I wondered if pink was significant to the bride. You see, a couple of days ago I saw a pink rose plant at Farmboy and instantly fell in love with it. It inspired a couple of paintings. The light pink is such a soft and gentle colour, invoking love, especially self-love, and unconditional love (higher heart Chakra). I should also mention, amongst the pink roses is one single white rose. I thought it strange and interesting and wondered if it was an oversight on the florist’s part or intentional.

Back to the wedding. The groom was wearing two roses on his lapel: white and pink.

The bridesmaids wore soft light pink dresses. The bride was in white. Her bouquet was white and pink. The groomsman wore pale green ties.

Mom leaned over to me and whispered…did you happen to notice the colours? Even the green ties? All match the card I painted!

One white dress surrounded by pink. One white rose surrounded by pink. One card with pink roses and pale green leaves… Go figure!

Watercolour painting flowers
230/365 painting of the day, 18 August 2019 © WQuinn
Thistle in bloom next to garlic
230/365 photo of the day, 18 August 2019 © WQuinn

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