Saturday, 10 August 2019

What a day! It started out very cold and cloudy, stayed cold, but the sun came out here and there with a sprinkle of showers, a rainbow and ending with another spectacular sunset.

My nephews visited this afternoon. We had a wonderful time catching up and playing rummolie!

They brought a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers for my mom, which inspired tonight’s painting.

Watercolour painting of sunflowers in a vase
222/365 Painting of the day, 10 August 2019 © WQuinn

I captured the rain belting down for today’s photo.

Landscape of yard and river with heavy rain drops falling
222/365 Photo of the day, 10 August 2019 © WQuinn

I forgot to mention the two bird sightings today: a cedar waxing took a few minutes rest in one of the dead trees in the backyard and a cooper hawk was sitting on the grass! The photos aren’t the greatest but are good enough to identify the birds!

Cooper hawk
Cooper hawk © WQuinn 2019
Cedar waxing bird in dead tree
Ceda rwaxing © WQuinn