5 August 2019

Another splendid sunny hot day!

Although today was a holiday in most provinces, it wasn’t in Quebec-where I live and work. Luckily I was able to telework and even managed to sit outside with my laptop for a spell.

I had no idea what to paint this evening. Most days I’m inspired by something I’ve seen, like the sunrise or sunset or a flower. Other times I might see something on Pinterest or Instagram. That wasn’t the case tonight.

So I sat with my paints and blank white paper and waited. Nothing was coming to me so I asked for guidance.

Immediately I saw and sensed blue and brown. Most likely a beach or ocean scene. But not sure. I started with blue on the too. I like how it came out on the paper. I went with it, keeping it light as in brushed the paint onto the page. Green next. But I left a white space between the colours… something I’ve never done before. Instinctively I knew to add brown for a beach and, voila! I was done. I stepped back for an overview and was happy with what I saw.

Watercolour painting sky, sea, beach
217/365 Painting of the day, 5 August 2019 © WQuinn

My lesson for today (and until I really get it) :

Stop worrying, stop comparing, just let go and paint. And have fun!

For my photo… I found myself back in my butterfly-bee garden. The three monarch caterpillars are still there!

Monarch caterpillar on milkweed
217/365 Photo of the day, 5 August 2019 © WQuinn