Sunday, 28 July 2019

Gasp! It’s the 28th of July! When did that happen????

I sat outside last night with mom, cooled off in my little inflatable pool, drank wine and watched the day turn into night. I was delighted to see that the fireflies were still around. Saw lots of stars and a very fast moving ISS or space junk. It was quite late when I turned in which meant a late start to this morning.

My first guest of the day was my turkey friend and, much to my delight, he brought his girlfriend for breakfast too. Every other day, since early spring, this male turkey has dropped by looking for a snack. I usually throw him some sunflower seeds, watch him eat, then he’s on his way. We’ve never had turkeys stay this late into the season. They’re usually gone before the geese arrive. Turkeys in the winter and geese all summer. But this guy has been hanging around, steering clear of the geese. I was a little concerned he lost his family…so imagine my joy when she shyly popped out of the bushes… apparently not used to humans talking to her, she turned right around and went back behind the tree!

I painted two paintings today…one, I started this morning. I had the idea of a reverse silhouette…black canvas with white flowers. I gave the canvas a couple of coats then waited for it to dry. I went to a funeral service for a friend’s husband who passed away earlier this month. When I came back, I started on the white flowers but had to wait for it to dry. I don’t know if it was impatience or a need to paint…I pulled out my watercolour paints and went to town painting. While it dried, I went back to the white flowers, then back to the watercolour.

Reverse silhouette sunflowers
Reverse silhouette sunflowers ©️ WQuinn
Watercolour painting landscape trees and grass
209/365 Painting of the day 28 July 2019 ©️2019

On the way home from the funeral, my eyes were glued to the clouds in the sky…so many of them! I tried to convince Mom to pull over, but we had just picked up supper and it was getting cold. So, instead, she drove a little slow, I hung my phone out of the window and happily clicked away!


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