Friday, 26 July 2019

A hot one today!

I thought I’d share a couple of pics of the pizzas we made last night. Although we felt some success during dinner, post dinner is where we discussed what we could do better next time.

Homemade pizza
Pizza no.2: pizza sauce and mozzarella on dough (with a sampling of boccocini and bruschetta)
Pizza no. 1: bruschetta and boccocini on biscuit crust

The toppings of pizza no 1 were awesome but the crust was too thick and didn’t cook through. Pizza 2 was very good, although could of had more toppings. The crust was very thick and delicious. Not quite the perfect homemade pizza, but not bad. I think we’re on to something! I’m really enjoying this culinary adventure with my two nephews!

Today was a busy work day trying to get my project completed by end of day. Happy to day I did, phew, and can now take a well deserved break and enjoy the weekend. I had dinner with my sister and her family to say bye as they depart on holidays.

On the way home, mom stopped for gas and I took advantage of the moment to whip out my travel paints and paint. She didn’t take as long as I had hoped so I had to finish it up while she drove…which was a lite tricky. I added the birds once I was home in a steady environment 😉

Watercolor painting landscape mountains and River
207/365 Painting of the day, 26 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

Mom suggested it was completed too quickly so I should do another one but I see it as some days it’s quick and some days it takes me an hour or more.

For the photo…we took a bit of a detour on the way home. Remember that white bridge I was so excited to photograph a couple of weekends ago? Well tonight we drove over it… twice! I managed to get a half decent shot, thanks to this amazing phone camera and it’s nifty night scene option.

Detours in life can be scary but can also be so rewarding!


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