Thursday, 25 July 2019

A warm sunny day. The humidity is slowly creeping up.

I was in a quiet mood today…hard to get in to anything which was a problem as I have a tight deadline looming.

Decided to get outside and enjoy the noon sun…painted my daily painting and felt a little better, especially an Irish scene!

Watercolour painting Irish landscape
205/365 Painting of the day, 25 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

This evening I’m visiting my nephews for dinner. Homemade pizzas are on the menu. It’s becoming a tradition…every Thursday we have been getting together to make pizzas. Tonight we’re trying a biscuit dough with boccocini and bruschetta and a traditional homemade dough and toppings.

Tonight’s photo is my feline niece, Junebug.

205/365 Photo of the day, 25 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

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