Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Today was a beautiful summer day. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right!

I went for a walk around the yard during my lunch break, visiting my flower gardens hoping to see butterflies. I saw a bumblebee enjoying the flowers and the strangest looking dragon fly. Its wings were black and its body a florescent green. I also saw a monarch butterfly fluttering around the milkweed.

We have one cherry on the cherry tree and one plum on the plum tree and a whole lot of apples on the apple tree.

Green apples in tree
Apple tree ©️ WQuinn 2019

We ate dinner on the veranda this evening…a great way to see the birds. The turkey was back today and spent most of the day hanging around. The geese were up visiting too. A black and white bird caught my attention as it flew by. I believe it was an eastern kingbird. I was excited to see a “new” bird in our yard until I opened the bird book to log it in and saw it had already been added. We saw an eastern kingbird last year on July 25! Almost to the day.

I stayed out to paint my painting of the day. Had a bit of trouble with the tree… perhaps I need more tree practice!

Watercolour painting landscape mountains and trees
204/365 Painting of the day, 23 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

During the long dark cold winter, I made seed paper. I wrote a wish on it, planted it indoors and watched it grow. I transplanted it this summer into my butterfly/bee garden and this week it began blooming!!!

Black eyed susans
204/365 Photo of the day, 23 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

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