Dimes (now $5) from deceased loved ones

My aunt passed away twelve hours ago. I haven’t really digested it yet…

But she’s already sent me signs. Plural. I knew she’d be good at it!

Yesterday, I was thinking of a sign I could ask her to send me. My dad was a five leaf clover, my grandmother, daisies. Nowadays, Dad sends dimes…lots and lots of dimes…at the perfect times, in weird and random ways.

Last night, before she passed, wondering how she was doing, I tried connecting to her to send her good vibes. I was thinking about the sign and thought of dimes but thought she should try a higher denomination, or skip money altogether.

Today, after learning of her passing, waiting for my sister to arrive, I was skimming leaves from my little wading pool. In knee deep water, I looked down to find a five dollar bill floating in the water! Turned out to be two folded together. My first thought…that’s impressive!

Full disclosure: those bills were in my pocket already. Forgotten, but there. For them to be in the pool at that time and not in my pocket…

So fast forward an hour…we decide to go visit my Uncle and cousins . I go through my purse looking for something and out comes a five dollar bill. One that wasn’t there before. I now have three five dollar bills from her.

She’s one impressive lady!