Another Angel Went Home Today

Friday, 19 July 2019 (12:10 pm)

Aunt Bobby was always special to me. She and Uncle Fern. I looked forward to our visits. We always had a good time. Especially the long weekends I spent at their cottage on Long Lake. Lots of laughs!

I will be forever grateful for her unwavering support when I came out of the spiritual closet and started doing angel readings. I was certain I would loose her and my other aunt but they both stood by my side. She would call and ask what she could do to help me on my journey, just name it and she’d do it.

I still remember calling her to pass on a message from my grandmother…her mother. Keep in mind we were a Catholic family. Psychics and mediums were off limits. My first medium reading was in a gallery setting in a hotel conference room in Ottawa by a local medium. Must have been 75-100 people and you weren’t guaranteed a reading. I was the second person to get a reading…my first ever.
My grandmother was one of several who came through. Her message was for Aunt Bobby…not me. The medium asked me to deliver the message… I worried the whole way home. The next day too! I finally got up the courage to call her and….she wasn’t home! I left a message.

When she called me back, I explained what I had done, that I started taking classes to communicate with angels, that I could see them, etc. Then I gave her Nanie’s message and waited. The silence was deafening. Then came a sigh and acknowledgement. She had been thinking about her all week, worrying if she had done enough for her. Getting the message helped her. Relief flooded through me!

From that moment on, she supported me on my spiritual journey. I am, and always will be, so grateful!

I’ve already received signs from her, which I’ll write about in another post.

So, farewell my sweet sweet dear dear aunt. I’ll see you in my dreams. Kiss my Dad for me. Enjoy your party and we’ll talk again soon.


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