Friday, 19 July 2019 (19/7/19)

I’m sitting here staring at a blank screen, thinking of what to write. How do you write…what do you say…sometimes there are no right words to convey your emotions.

Today, someone very special to me passed over to paradise. I’m happy for her but…

Already, I miss her. She has been the centre of our family forever. She was the strong force that took action, made decisions, got things done. We’ll pick up the torch and continue on but it will be forever different.

The second sibling to go in recent years (their brother passed away in the early 70s). And so fast. She only found out last Friday that she was sick with Leukemia. 2 months was the prognosis.

We were about to leave to visit her in the hospital when we got word she passed. Needing to be with her family, we drove up anyway (1.5 hrs) to spend time with them and am so glad we did. Family, especially at a time like this, is sooooo important. Together, we can get through anything.

Tonight’s painting and photo is number 200. I always knew 200 would be special…just didn’t realize how much!

Watercolor painting sunset reflecting in water
200/365 Painting of the day, 19 Jul 2019 ©️ WQuinn

This is a Campbell’s Bay sunset.

Sunset over water
200/365 Photo of the day, 19 Jul 2019 ©️ WQuinn

Today, another angel went home.


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