Monday, 8 July 2019

Wowzers! Another fabulous summer day!

This was my office for the day, at least until I needed to plug-in:

Outdoor patio with umbrella and laptop
Telework dream! ©️ WQuinn

I am so blessed to be able to telework and it’s days like today that fill my battery and give me the energy I need to go into the office. Not to mention that working in nature gets the creative juices flowing. I had a very productive day!

My sweet Dukes, however, had a not so good day. He was stung or bit by something. His face swelled up, his eye almost shut completely. Have you ever tried to ice a cat’s face. Ya, well it didn’t go as I had hoped it would. So I left him alone, kept a close eye on him and he seemed fine…no respiratory issues, no vomiting. I’m happy to report that by late evening, he was pretty well back to normal, although a little tender.

I have some of my favourite beach photos I’ve taken over the years, decorating my bathroom and every time I’m in there I think: I want to paint that beach. One I did back in the early days of this project. The other I did tonight.

This is a beach in Kauai:

Watercolor painting beach in Kauai, Hawaii
189/365 Painting of the day, 8 July 2019, ©️ WQuinn
Photo of beach in Kauai Hawaii
Photo of the beach in Kauai, Hawaii ©️ WQuinn

Tonight’s photo was going to be a beautiful rose BUT mother nature pulled a fast one on me and….a gorgeous fiery sky!

Red fiery sunset over a field
189/365 Photo of the day, 8 July 2019, ©️ WQuinn

Have a good night!


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