Saturday, 6 July 2019

Today was the most perfect summer day. And it continued well into the evening and night.

I painted my painting of the day outside on the veranda, enjoying the cool down, after several days of hot humid sticky weather.

Mom joined me. Wine glasses soon followed, as did sour cream and onion chips. We watched the sunset and the first planet to appear – Jupiter. Then the first star, the second, third…up to the eighth. Then they all popped out in unison. Fireflies light up the yard. Bullfrogs serenaded us. We turned our chairs to take in the north sky, delighted to see the big Dipper and the W (Cassiopeia).

We survived the mosquitoes fest – thanks to a couple citronella candles. Each bathroom break saw us donning warmer clothes, then blankets. It got down to 15 Celsius. Downright perfect for sleeping! I turned in sometime after midnight and slept like a baby!

Today’s painting was inspired by a painting I saw posted on Pinterest. (I have a screenshot shot of it on my Instagram page. )

Watercolor painting night sky with stars a top of evergreen trees
187/365 Painting the day, 6 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn
187/366 Photo of the day, 7 July 2019 ©️ WQuinn

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