Wednesday, 26 June 2019

I’m in Toronto for the night to see Come from Away musical. I took the train…such a great way to travel – no traffic, no stress, beautiful scenery and very relaxing.

Today’s painting is inspired by some of that view, Lake Ontario, as seen through the train window.

Watercolor painting of Lake Ontario
177/365 Painting of the day, 26 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn
Photo out of train window of Lake Ontario and sky
Lake Ontario from train window ©️ WQuinn

I’m staying at the beautiful Fairmont Royal York. I’ve been wanting to stay here for a long time, especially when I get off the train across the street and see this magnificent building.

My grandparents stayed here in the sixties when they attended a dairy convention.

So this visit was the time to book here. In February, I stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier for a night…another place I’ve always wanted to stay. Now my goal is to stay at all of the “chateaus”.

I’ve stayed at Chateau Lake Louise in the nineties. All that’s left is Montebello, Frontenac and Whistler. The first two should be easy enough as they’re close to me. Whistler might be a challenge, but I’ll get there one day 😉

Fairmont Hotel
Fairmont Royal York, ©️ WQuinn
Selfie of woman in 50s
177/365 Photo of the day, 26 June 2019, ©️ WQuinn

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