19 June 2019

I’m writing this with my new phone, a Google Pixel 3a xl. This is my first new phone. I usually buy second hand iPhones from people on Kijiji but this offer with Koodo was just too good to pass up.

The screen is so big which is extremely helpful at my age lol!

Today was a “work in the office, so don’t see the weather” day. It was quite humid when I left for the day. I had an appointment in Ottawa and took advantage of being in the city near River Road Park to get today’s photo.

I walked down to the water, my feet were inches from it. Lots of ducks and geese around me, not nervous but curious. One momma duck had five little ones…so cute!

I enjoy watching the geese and ducks interact. A male duck hopped onto a branch over the water and proceeded to peck at a female duck then nudged her off the branch. Her partner jumped up onto the branch, did the same to the bully, making him jump down. The female waddled over to join her hero on the branch. It was an interesting scene!

170/365 photo of the day, 19 June 2019 (c)WQuinn

I took a ten minute break this afternoon at work and painted a landscape.

170/365 painting of the day, 19 June 2019 (c)WQuinn

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